From the beginning

My name is Cristhian Rojas Iglesias and I am from Barranquilla, Colombia. Born in 1997, I'm a web and mobile developer focused on websites, e-commerces, webapps.

I started making some basic websites when I was 14 in a free website hosting; installing CMS like MyBB (forums), WordPress, social networks, educational software, and more. I installed some forums and they grown; I wanted to do some different things, and show the people the things I knew, share my knowledge with them.

Some months after my forum, I started a reseller hosting, giving the people free hosting accounts to make their owns websites for free. I bought some reseller accounts in YouHosting and Hostgator with a few bucks I had in my PayPal account; there were a total of 1000 accounts in my reseller hosting, and I learned about cPanel, PHP, and some CSS to beautify the cPanel my users were using.

In 2012 I started playing World of Warcraft in a private server, I liked it so much and I was such a nice player that I was able to apply as a GameMaster to help the users in their problems. I installed my own World of Warcraft Server and here is were I met MySQL and databases, because I made some items and NPCs for the game with good statistics. At this point I was bored because the server was full of items so I began making some modules for the game written in C and they improved the game to avoid cheaters, not allow custom items in some areas, giving gifts, and obviously it was fully connected with MySQL and integrated with the server's website (In PHP).

Ending 2014, I graduated from school and in 2015 I entered to the university in Barranquilla studying Systems Engineering; due to lack of money I only was able to do 3 semesters, and in the last semester I learned and improved my knowledge in HTML, CSS and JS. Once I leaved the university I found another one much cheaper but this one had not Systems Engineering so I studied Foreign Languages to acquire better knowledge in my English but also I gained knowledge in French and German.

Two semesters after I started studying Foreign Languages, I received a call from a Systems Engineering teacher who told me he had a friend with an enterprise looking for people with experience in the languages I knew so I started working in the company of my teacher's friend. Here is where my developer career starts, building webapps, mobile applications, websites, e-commerces in Magento where I am certificated and doing freelance too with local companies; learning and developing a lot. At this point, I leaved Foreign Languages and returned to Systems Engineering but started from first semester for personal reasons.


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Here is a list of projects I have develop. You will find the technology/framework used and a short description. Feel free to visit them and tell me what I did well.


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